The first season of the theater opened November 30th 1982 the play "My Hope" on the play by M. Shatrov. Previously, there was a theater from 1931 to 1982. in Kizel Perm. region. In January 1982, at the invitation of Tchaikovsky Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the oral agreement Perm. Regional Executive Committee Kizel State Drama Theatre moved to Tchaikovsky.

The first featured the play "All his life" on the play by E. Gabrilovich (Director - LB Zhuravskaya artist -. N. Zheronkin Statement 1981) took place on 12 February. A total of Kizel was transported 14 performances. Among them: "Fool" by Lope de Vega, "Red Devils" P. Blyahina, "King Lear" by William Shakespeare (Director - LB Zhuravskaya artist - E. Evliobskaya Statement 1981.), Etc. Theatre. It works as a drama theater, but without mentioning Kizel, without the express permission of the Ministry of culture of the RSFSR and without official status. After seven months out the disposal of the Perm regional executive committee № 658-r of 3. 08. 82 "On the redeployment troupe Kizel drama theater for a permanent job in Tchaikovsky and the creation of the Tchaikovsky State Drama Theatre".